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            HUMR ™


Power systems software designed for projects that require precision results. This software is fully integrated with cutting-edge computing technology in the cloud, ensuring optimal performance and affordability. Accessible from any device via internet browsers like Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, or Microsoft Edge, it combines advanced features with user-friendly simplicity. It auto-generates interactive and detailed reports that can be easily shared with coworkers, clients, and contractors, facilitating seamless collaboration. Our flexible pricing model is based on usage, making it scalable for teams of any size.

Beta release targeted July, 2024.

MST/MEMS Research & Design

Our vision is centered on developing accessible, cost-effective, and durable miniature electro-mechanical systems (MEMS), which we anticipate will play a crucial role in the future of advanced technological systems. We are dedicated to advancing MEMS technology to ensure affordability while maintaining high quality. These systems find applications across a broad spectrum, including LiDAR for autonomous vehicles, precision sensors for healthcare diagnostics, and microactuators for smart devices, promising transformative impacts on a range of industries. Our goal is to drive innovation in MEMS to facilitate their integration into everyday technology, enhancing functionality and efficiency.

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